What are the Bulls Thinking?

Well, it happened, the Bulls finally pulled the trigger on a trade which is something every Bulls fan wanted, except if it would’ve been literally any other trade than this.  Once again GarPax shows their ineptitude to run a professional sports franchise.  We’ll give a quick run down of the trade for you. (via Shams Charania of the Vertical)

Thunder Receive: Taj Gibson, Doug McDermott, and a 2018 2nd Round pick

Bulls Receive: Christian Payne, Anthony Morrow, and Joffrey Lauvergne

What exactly did the Bulls get?

Cameron Payne: The word is that GarPax is very high on Payne and feel he can be a big part of the future.  He is currently averaging 5.3 PPG and 2.0 APG on 33% shooting and 32% from 3.  He has shown some flashes of his ability but what does he bring to the table with an already jam packed group of point guards?  He isn’t very athletic (1 career dunk at 6′ 3″), an average shooter, and a meh play maker.  As I studied his tape I became more and more interested in his dancing and bench celebrations than anything else.

Anthony Morrow: Last year around this time I would’ve been ecstatic to get Marrow, as he had been a reliable sharpshooter for his career.  But this year he is shooting an abysmal 29% from 3 and quickly lost some minutes.  At 31 years of age it won’t be possible for him to add much more to his game but he will be a mainstay in the rotation.  He’s now one of the very few wings on this team and will surely get plenty of minutes the rest of the season.  However, he is a career 41.7% 3PT shooter and if he can regain just a little bit of that stroke he could be a fantastic player for us judging we are last in 3PT attempts and percentage.

(King) Joffrey Lauvergne: I do believe Lauvergne will surprise many Bulls fans when he puts on the red.  The 6′ 11″ Frenchman is already the best shooting big man on the team and he hasn’t even stepped into the wind yet.  He is a respectable career 34.6% shooter from deep and has a smooth jumper.  He is very good in the high P&R and also very crafty on the pick and pop.  I will admit I had not seen much from him but after watching a few Thunder and Nuggets game he is the player out of the trio that I am most excited to see play.  There is plenty of upside with him on the offensive end it is just the defensive is where he will struggle.  He has averaged .1 Blocks per game for his career and at his size this is very concerning.  Lauvergne has primarily played the 4 for his career but he doesn’t really have the quickness to keep up with 4s or the size to match up with 5s.  What’s also concerning is the Thunder were in desperate need of shooting and couldn’t even find 15 minutes a game for him.  At 25 years old he still has time to grow and could be a very good player down the line for the Bulls.

All three players are on expiring contracts (Payne and Lauvergne Restricted) and might not even be on the roster come next year.  We also gave up a 2nd round pick for no reason and although 2nd round picks usually don’t turn out superstars (what’s up IT?) if the Bulls are in rebuilding mode throwing away picks makes no sense.  Giving away an absolutely fantastic glue guy and grinder Gibson and McDermott who was starting to show signs of being a very, very good NBA scorer just makes no sense other than getting their contracts off our books.  It is also too late to be in tank mode which is the only reason this move would make sense, if it would’ve happened in December it would’ve been okay.  But, should we really be surprised at all anymore folks? (#fireGarPax)

-Riley Van Egdom

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