What are the Brewers waiting for?

It is no secret the Milwaukee Brewers are in a massive rebuild mode. They a trying to do similar sort of rebuild that the Chicago Cubs just completed. This is by forming a long list of high prospects by acquiring lots of middle infielders and outfielders that can run with lots of bat power. They have done a great job so far in acquiring those prospects. Orlando Arcia looks like the future of the Brewer’s at shortstop, I know he struggled in his call up last August, but he is still young and very raw talent. Also, Jonathan Villar surprised everyone last year with his breakout year and it looks like he will be now the everyday 2nd baseman now that Arcia will play short. He kind of reminds me of a faster Brandon Phillips in his early days for the Red’s. They also have a surplus of outfielders who are developing in the minors the way, they should.


There is one thing that is holding the Brewer’s back from taking the next step in this rebuild, it is acquiring front-end of the rotation starting pitching. That is no secret, but the Brewer’s do have one trade that they should use to acquire the pitching they need. He is RYAN BRAUN the Brewers have been trying to trade him since last July, but they are continually asking for too much in return for him. The problem is his contract is a little too high to ask for a lot in return and his PED history turns teams away. I don’t understand why Milwaukee’s front office can’t get that through their heads and come to wraps with reality. They need to go to a team like the LA Dodgers who could use a productive, veteran outfielder and ask for one of their top 3 pitching prospects preferably a lefty and then ask for two mid level pitchers along with it. Instead of asking for Yasiel Puig and the top 2 overall prospects in the Dodgers minor league. If the Brewers want to speed up this rebuild like they should they need to get rid of Ryan Braun and get a good return for him, not the blockbuster trade they are hoping for. Especially with Spring Training already just starting.

-Tanner Bockhop

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